Well, Hello, 2018

Wow, I just had the realization that I haven’t posted since August. Let’s blame time. Time has been chewed up and spit out on my end! What is it with time?!

I’m not always great with time. I have wasted time, I have made up for lost time, I have wished for more time, I have wished my time away. Time is something we either use well or lose. Especially as a mom, I find myself wondering where the time has gone!

With a new year upon us (proof that time is just marching right along), I have been going over goals, wishes, hopes, and needs. I’m wondering if this is the year I find the balance in life. (Probably not.) But I do have some goals for the year.

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Back Like a Glazed Donut

In the past two weeks, I have come to realize that I am joining an elite group. The name of this group is Glazed-Over Back-to-School Moms. 

Sound familiar? I mean, come on! Where did summer go? Is this how my mom felt every year? Was she always a little desperate for just one more day of summer?! (Hint: the answer is yes.) If you are not one of those moms, and you are gleeful about school starting, well, that’s a different approach, right? Continue reading

A Whole New World

I think there should be a mom’s club where we all come literally fresh out of bed. Anyone who looks perfect has to have a legit reason or she’s out. Because come on, I woke up this morning with the most bizarre bed head I have had in a while. You know those “I woke up like this” posts? HA! They have nothing on me.

The balance to waking up looking like Princess Anna from Frozen was when I asked my oldest to go lay out bowls to start serving breakfast. I happened to be on the phone with a friend at that moment, and she commented how great this stage was, having a child old enough to legitimately help. My realization was that it truly is fantastic. It could make me start singing along with Jasmine: “A Whole NEW WORLD!!!!”

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You’ll Never be Prepared

As a mom of four girls, an oldest sister in a family of 4 girls and 4 boys, and a babysitter then daycare giver, I have seen quite the variety of children through the years. Personalities, quirks, issues, problems…there really isn’t anything that surprises me. However, I often feel woefully unprepared. For instance, when the 3-year-old has anatomy questions….in the middle of Walmart. Not really the time or place, not the moment, but she won’t stop asking. Why then? Why that question? I am very comfortable answering her questions at home, when we are one-on-one and I can make sure that she is understanding me while establishing appropriate boundaries. (You catch my drift here, I’m sure.)

So many times throughout life, we all feel unprepared. And so often we fumble through things and walk away with a moment of, “Wow, God, I may have really messed that up. Please use your grace to work through that moment and cover my mistakes!” I don’t mean that in a mistake-removing way, I mean it in a way that leaves someone blessed and thinking about God in spite of those fumbling moment. In my case, those moments are almost hourly and it’s become so normal that at times I really miss how awkward I am. I constantly have to rely on God’s grace to smooth over my mistakes! Continue reading

Happy New Year, Tired Mommy

Hello again, Tired Mommies. It’s a new year…did you make any resolutions? Last year I made a goal to eat more vegetables. I did eat more…but I also ate more sweets. So, not really the success I had hoped for.

This year, my goal is to keep my life more orderly. To be more disciplined. Mr. Wonderful and I have been exercising more regularly the past couple weeks. It makes a positive difference for my energy and happiness when I exercise! I feel better, can think more clearly, and act happier all around.

Now, do I sound overly positive and waaaaay to upbeat? Probably because today is much more promising than yesterday. Do you want to know what my house looked like yesterday? I was in tears by bedtime, feeling overwhelmed and stressed. (Maybe you’ll relate…maybe your house is “worse”….maybe you’re judging my clutter right now….it’s okay.)


Coming off of Christmas is exhausting, even to the most positive of moms. We traveled to a family get-together, spent one of the crankiest Christmas days together (still wondering why that was), hosted a family Christmas, and then left for 4 days to see our other family. Coming home, I was facing clutter from all the transfer, all the new things we’d brought home, unpacking, extra laundry, extra dishes, and an overwhelming exhaustion. Continue reading

Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party

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My first baby turned 7 this week. Let me tell you, this wonderfully weird and fantastic girl was thrilled to be seven whole years old! See, many years ago, she asked for a big friend birthday party, and how old could she be to have one? The parental unit threw out seven years old as the magical age, and behold! The age hath arrived!

As the title tells you, this party was rainbow unicorn! WAY out of this neutral momma’s zone, but we had so much fun putting our version of this together. As we planned, I had a few criteria. First, it would be free of artificial food dyes (there is way too much sketchy information about those, and I hate the way they make my kids go crazy!). Second, that this party would be fun and yet not overly expensive. I came in somewhere in the middle on that, which worked. Continue reading